Golf Driving Range Consultation

If you are looking to build a Driving Range or modify an existing one, we can provide you with the analysis you're looking for to determine net height and placement to prevent balls from leaving the property.

We can advise you on the use of tee bay reflectors which will reduce the height requirement of your nets.

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3 Dimensional Analysis

We use a 3 Dimensional Analysis of your site to determine the required net heights. Minimum net heights depend on the following:

Dimensions of Driving Range

Topography of Land (sloping uphill or downhill)

Prevailing Wind and Temperatures

Type of Range Ball used

Use of tee bay reflectors

Below is a 3D graphic of a Driving Range that we advised. With such an analysis, one can determine the required net heights along the entire length of the range. Our mathematical golf ball projectile model was used to simulate various Driver shots from the middle tee bay. We can also plot a 2 Dimension view which clearly shows the maximum heights of the balls.

We can simulate all club shots from sand wedge to Driver so it becomes clear how high nets need to be to contain all shots.

Golf Course Weather Index
Based on your area's unique weather conditions, we can calculate your "normal" atmospheric conditions and thus "normal" golf club distance ranges. These would be assinged an index of 0. Conditions which produce longer distances would have a positive index such as +1, +2, etc, such as hot, summer days. Cooler days would be assigned a negative index such as -1, -2, etc. Golfers would know how much more or less club they should hit on a given day. Click HERE to view more


Golf Tournament Groupings
Many golfers and tournament organizers want to design foursomes in which players are grouped with one another a minimum number of times. We can provide you with a spreadhsheet in which you type in the players' names, and the spreadsheet calcuates the pairings. Click HERE to view more.