Golf Course Weather Index

If you are a manager, professional, director or captain of a golf course, you can provide your green fee players and members with valuable, additional information about your golf course,

We provide golf courses a range of services that will enhance the course knowledge golfers can play with thus making their rounds more enjoyable and faster.

1. How far uphill or downhill shots actually play. For example, given a downhill,
185 yard par 3, a player must hit less club than normal, but how much? I can convert the elevation drop/rise and real distance into a "playing distance." Imagine how this will speed up play and make the game more enjoyable for your members. You could add this information to the hole sign and/or the scorecard.

Cost: $20 per hole


2. Your course's "distance index" given atmospheric conditions. The ball travels different distances dependent on the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure (which also depends on your elevation above sea level). I can calculate how much farther or shorter the ball will fly based on your course's conditions. On a hot, humid day, your golfers will know how much farther to expect the ball to fly. It would be like a UV index, humidex or windchill factor. The distance index would be 0 for a typical summer day, +1, +2, etc for hotter, humid days, and -1,-2, etc for colder days.

Cost: $50 per course


3. How much your greens break when plumbed, based on speed. Green speed varies depending on the conditions. When greens are long, they tend not to break as much. When greens are short, they break  more. I can provide your club with a putting break matrix, unique to your typical greens speeds. Given that a putt is plumbed so that the shaft lines up 2 inches right of the hole, how much will the putt break. Again, you'd be providing your golfers with information that will speed up play and allow them to make better decisions, and shoot lower scores. The matrix could be provided to players on the first tee on a noticeboard and/or handout sheet.

Cost: $50 per course


4. The true hole ratings for your course. Course holes are rated most difficult to easiest using a system mainly based on distance. Did you ever think that your handicap 1 rated hole was not really the hardest, or handicap 18 not really the easiest? If you provide me with a large sample of member scores on holes, I can determine the true difficulty rating. Or, you can purchase the computer program, input members' hole scores and calculate your course's true hole ranking yourself.

Cost: $75 per course


5. Or if there's anything else about your course you'd like calculated, just let me know and I'll see what I can do.

If you purchase services 1 thru 4 above, I'll give you a special rate, based on 4 holes for serivce 1.

Cost: $175 per course

If you'd like any of the above, just email me at and we'll begin a dialogue on the necessary measurements.

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