Golf Tournament Foursome Combinations

I've had numerous requests for information on how to arrange foursomes (or golf group) in small and large tournaments. In most cases, what has been requested is a structure that groups players in a social event that ensures no one player plays with the same people more than once.

Although this is not always possible (depends on the number of players and the number of rounds to be played), the number of same playing partners can be minimized.

Have you ever tried to make up a small golf draw trying to minimize the number of repeats. It's quite complicated, actually, and can take hours. I use a special mathematical algorithm to produce the various combinations.

Below is a sample of such a grouping. Feel free to use it. If you require a structure for a different number of players or a different number of rounds, I've created some templates for various combinations. They are MS Excel worksheets.

In each template, you simply type in the names of your players and the worksheet will arrange them into foursomes which minimizes the number of repeats (one player playing with another). You can then print the sheet out with the name of the course, date and tee times.

For some of the smaller draws, I've even identified what players play what other players twice, just in case there are some you think might want to play with one another twice. I've also included those players that never play with one another, just in case there are some you know won't get along.

See a view of the spreadsheet by clicking HERE.

These spreadsheets are useful for: golf leagues, golf outings, golf social events, golf tournaments, family golf tournaments, corporate golf outings, golf buddies.

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