A Few Words About Quality Equipment

We use high-quality equipment for you to enjoy the best possible experience of golf at our club. You can also purchase or rent necessary equipment at our club. We believe that not only great skills play a vital role in achieving great results but also high-quality and reliable equipment. Carefully selected golf clubs, balls, shoes and other equipment and apparel can dramatically improve your golfing skills and help you become a more rounded player with every swing. That’s exactly what we pursue when offering you our services.

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Equipment Instruction

Not only beginners but also experienced players require instruction when it comes to using golf equipment. Our coaches will gladly train you to properly use your golf equipment.

Equipment Rentals

It’s easier to rent a piece of equipment or apparel you prefer than to buy it. We understand it and offer all our members a variety of golf products that can be rented.


This was an experience I enjoyed immensely. The day I played the course it was very windy but it made little impact. The fairways were so good it was like walking on a mattress but firm enough to let the ball carry.

Harry Wilson

Club Member

I am an experienced golf player and I like your golf club very much. Your course is immaculately maintained and very challenging. I think I will be back very soon to enjoy one of your upcoming golf events.

Pamela Stevens

Club Member

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