Rebecca Wallace

Golf Instructor

Rebecca joined the Golfix Golf Club team 2 years ago when she started her PGA traineeship. She has been playing golf since age 11. Today she works with juniors and teenagers who want to pursue golf as a pastime or professional activity.

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Rebecca’s Lessons

Private Lessons For Children

Teach your children how to play one of the oldest sports with the help of our qualified and experienced instructors.

Personalized Lessons

Take advantage of our personalized golf lessons and learn to play golf with your friends. It can be rewarding! Audemars Piguet Replica Watches

Lessons For All Ages

Golf is a sport for all ages and our lessons prove it. Our golf training develops basic skills, which are useful for everyone.

Preparation For Competitions

If you are an intermediate or advanced golf player looking for an opportunity to prepare for a compentition, we have what you need!


This was an experience I enjoyed immensely. The day I played the course it was very windy but it made little impact. The fairways were good yet firm enough to let the ball carry.

Harry Wilson

Club Member

I am an experienced golf player and I like your golf club very much. Your course is immaculately maintained and very challenging. I think I will be back very soon to enjoy one of your upcoming golf events.

Pamela Stevens

Club Member

I played on this beautiful course recently with 3 French friends who loved the variety of the challenging holes and the stunning landscape with views of mountains. Overall experience was amazing, thank you!

Jonathan Guerrero

Club Member